I constantly update these lists adding a single page for each of my works along with detailed info and material for free download. They can be accessed just clicking on the work’s title or on the OS.

Music technology

TitleCategory (OS/Language)Year
chordsforuke.comWeb App (HTML/Javascript)2019
The HideNew Media Artwork (macOS)2019
TrisoldeInteractive Dance Performance (Max/MSP/Jitter)2018
bachVideogame (macOS, Win, Android)2018
memorialeNew Media Artwork (macOS, Android)2017/2018
3n+1New Media Artwork (Win, Android)2016
CellulaFreeware VST Instrument (Win)2016
Sweet SinkingFilm Live (Pure Data)2014


TitleCategory (OS)Year
Op60Composing System (macOS, Android)2018
Tessuti SonoriEducational Videogame (macOS)2017
settiClavioSolfège Music App (Android)2015
meloDictsEar Training Music App (Android, iOS)2015/2016
Music RunVideogame (Android)2015
diapaSonMusic App (Android)2015/2018
steadyMetMusic App (Android)2015

Soundtrack / Sound design / Audio branding

TitleCategoryYearFinal customer
We Are RailfansVideo2020Dovetail Games
Flower UpVideogame2017Incredible App!
50 SongsMusic Production2015/2017Twinkle Little Songs
Train Simulator 2015Videogame (PC)2014Dovetail Games
Train Simulator 2014Videogame (PC)2013Dovetail Games
Natale da LeggendaVideogame2013Incredible App!
Pizza LegendVideogame2013Incredible App!
Fruit JewelsVideogame2013Incredible App!
Jewels NinjaVideogame2013Incredible App!
San Nicola da TolentinoVideo2013Poldi Pezzoli Museum
Jewel BlastVideogame2013Incredible App!
PlumberlandVideogame2013Incredible App!
Food!Videogame2013Incredible App!
NumbersVideogame2012Incredible App!
Incredible CastleVideogame2012Incredible App!
Golden TouchVideogame2012Incredible App!
Help OutVideogame2012Incredible App!
Permanent ExhibitionExhibition2012History Museum, Bologna
Girare l’Italia!Exhibition2011Touring Club
Rinascimento ChroniclesVideogame2011DGform
Reportage tuneVideo2011Il Sole 24 Ore
Il Segno AlfaExhibition2010La Triennale, Milano
Perfect EchoMultimedia2010Incredible App!
BMW Z4Commercial2009SoDe srl
Milano 1947-2007Exhibition2009Museum of Contemporary History, Milan
Life, MaybeVideo2009Chiara Dynys
Bologna si rivelaExhibition2009Palazzo Saraceni, Bologna
Fantasy in BregagliaDocufiction2008ifduif film, TSI
La città visibileExhibition2008History Museum, Bergamo
Per filo e per segniExhibition2008History Museum, Bergamo
La Terribile ArmataMovie2007laVerdi, Milan
Giuseppe GaribaldiExhibition2007Risorgimento Museum, Milan
AgoraphobiaArtwork2004Jacopo Rovida
Il nulla oltre la siepeArtwork2003Jacopo Rovida
Galileo in CarcereArtwork2002Jacopo Rovida
Eureka! 2000Multimedia1999Tecniche Nuove
Enciclopedia dell’UniversoMultimedia1997Tecniche Nuove
Eureka!Multimedia1997Tecniche Nuove

Transcriptions / Arrangements

Composer, TitleYearInstrumentation
E. Granados, Ochos valses poeticos2010gtr orch
I. Stravinsky, Le Sacre du Printemps20106gtr
M. Jackson, Jackson Suite20104sax, 2vn, va, vc
C. Rovere, Per la Patria2011cch, orch
A. Piazzolla, Oblivion2012gtr orch
I. Stravinsky, Histoire du Soldat2012cl, vn, pn
C. G. da Venosa, Moro lasso2013orch
G. Delerue, Le Mepris2014gtr orch
E. Morricone, Tema2014gtr orch