A ‘contemporary classical’ ukulele

Ukuleles are fascinating versatile instruments. The diversity of construction materials, types and shapes as well of string kinds and performing techniques offer to a composer an invaluable range of tools to fit any style, aesthetic, ensemble and musical need. I collect instruments, commission and perform new contemporary classical music written for the ukulele and transcribe renowned contemporary and twentieth century scores for it. I am always looking to perform and promote new music: in case you have composed (or you are aware of) scores featuring the ukulele, solo or in any ensemble, feel free to contact me at

Ukulele scores written for me

► Andrea Beggio, Prototype Pattern (2020) for amplified ukulele solo (GCE♭G) and live electronics (via Ableton Live). Duration: 3′. Written for Giovanni Albini.

Fabrizio Nastari, Dies Rainbow (2020) for ukulele solo (gCEA). Duration: 3′. Dedicated to (and revision and fingering by) Giovanni Albini.

David John Roche, I love Ukulele, Three Pieces for Solo Ukulele (2020) for ukulele solo (GCEA). I – Future Champion, II – Love and Admiration, III – Greatest of all Time. Total duration: 10′. Written for and commissioned by Giovanni Albini.

Toivo Tulev, Synchronistic Afternoon With a Freshly Tuned Ukulele (2020) for ukulele solo (gCEA). Duration: 5′. Written for (and revision and fingering by) Giovanni Albini.

Ukulele original scores by me

► Giovanni Albini, Op. 48 No. 2 – Piccola Fantasia Madrilena (2020) for ukulele solo (gCEA). Duration: 4′.

► Giovanni Albini, Op. 66 No. 2 – Minuetto Lento (2020) for ukulele solo (gCEA). Duration: 3′.

Some of the ukes I play