Processes and materials react in Albini’s music like a chain of chemical experiments, where new formulas are applied to old component and vice versa. […] Each one of his works invites us to think of itself as a pure sounding idea. So every piece is a monument to sounding ideas, and his music – in the deep humanistic spirit of this composer-mathematician – a musica monumentalis.” Giovanni Cestino, musicologist

In his vast catalogue of scores Giovanni Albini (b.1982) has deepened the use of quantitative methods in music and composition, developing a personal and unique mathematically informed aesthetics. He also devoted himself with special interest to soundtracks and sound designs for interactive media, algorithmic music and non linear composition systems, programming several interactive multimedia artworks, music software and musical video games and researching their aesthetical framework. The recordings of his music are published by Brilliant Classics. His scores are digitally published on this website and their access and download is free of charge.

He is a tenured professor of Music Theory, Solfège and Music Perception and head of research at the Conservatory of Alessandria, where he also teaches the first Italian ukulele university class, and starting from the academic year 2021-2022 he teaches Composition at the bachelors of the Conservatory of Lugano (Swiss Confederation). He is the founding Artistic Director of the highSCORE Festival, that have premiered over two hundreds new scores. He teaches the seminar Quantitative Methods for Art at The University School for Advanced Studies IUSS Pavia, an Italian Public Institution devoted to research and higher education. He received his Ph.D in music composition from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn. He is the research group coordinator of ANDA – Associazione Nazionale Docenti AFAM.

In addition, he is an ukulelist who commissions and performs new contemporary classical music written for the ukulele and arrange classical and renowned contemporary and twentieth century scores for it, fostering the development of a new challenging and cultivated ukulele repertoire and aiming to deepen and evolve the idiomatic unique features of the instrument. He plays in duo with British ukulelist Samantha Muir and Italian guitarist Matilde Oppizzi. He is co-director of the upcoming First Ukulele International Conference (UIC 2021) – Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Performance, Composition, and Organology, to be hosted by the University of Milan on December, 3-4, 2021. He is an Aquila Corde Armoniche official endorser.

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