Processes and materials react in Albini’s music like a chain of chemical experiments, where new formulas are applied to old component and vice versa. […] Each one of his works invites us to think of itself as a pure sounding idea. So every piece is a monument to sounding ideas, and his music – in the deep humanistic spirit of this composer-mathematician – a musica monumentalis.” G. Cestino, musicologist

“…Albini wants to conquer a permanent place in the contemporary classical music landscape with his ukulele. […] Giovanni Albini manages to shed light on the different aspects of the ukulele and get rid of the incorrect nickname ‘pocket instrument’.” H. Gaudeus,

In his extensive catalog of scores Giovanni Albini (b. 1982) has delved into the use of quantitative methods in music and composition, developing a personal and unique mathematically informed aesthetic. He has also taken a special interest in soundtracks and sound designs for interactive media, algorithmic music and nonlinear composition systems, programming various interactive multimedia artworks, music software and music video games and researching their aesthetic structure. As a ukulelist, he promotes the development of a new stimulating and cultivated ukulele repertoire, with the goal of deepening and evolving the unique idiomatic characteristics of the instrument. He presented his research on new music for ukulele at prestigious international institutions, including The Juilliard School in New York and the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. The recordings of his music are published by Brilliant Classics, Da Vinci and Stradivarius. His ukulele transcriptions are edited by Ricordi and exclusively distributed by Hal Leonard.

He is a tenured professor of Music Theory, Solfège and Music Perception, Ukulele, deputy head of research and delegate for international projects at the Conservatory of Alessandria, where he has established a Bachelor’s degree program in ukulele, the first course of its kind in the world, offering a comprehensive program of study specialized in ukulele performance. He teaches Composition at the Conservatory of Lugano (Swiss Confederation). He is in the faculty roaster of the prestigious summer courses organized by Fondazione Campus Internazionale di Musica. He is the founding Artistic Director of the highSCORE Festival, that have premiered over two hundreds new scores and co-director of the Ukulele International Conference (UIC). He received his Ph.D in music composition from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn. He is the national research group coordinator of ANDA – Associazione Docenti AFAM.