Op. 27 N. 1 – Fontane Veneziane, for electric guitar and string quartet

Albini - Fontane VenezianeTitle: Fontane Veneziane
Subtitle: Corale #45
Opus number: Op. 27
Instrumentation: Electric Guitar and String Quartet
Performance duration: 3’00”
Year of composition: 2011
Premiere: June, 16th 2011. Castello Visconteo – Sala Mostre, Pavia. Performers: Flavio Virzì (Electric Guitar) and Quartetto Indaco.
Program notes: (ENG) The presence of the electric guitar is completely absorbed in the incessant rhytmic activity of the string quartet. The virtuosistic string writing (Mosso e tempestoso, con slancio from the beginning through to the final rallentando inesorabile) constitutes a vivaldian monument in which «a liquid geometry of notes» unfolds like «a storm-tossed obbligato flux of diatonic scales upon a rigid harmonic framework», this latter centered upon a structured cycle of triads. Albini has developed this compositional technique in recent years and has employed it in the writing of several pieces (denominated by the generic name of Corale #N). It is based on a perfect cycle of triadic transformations which Albini has investigated in depth in his studies in mathematical music theory and neo-riemannian theory. This all occurs within an incessant flow of sound, whose breadth (in exploring all of the registers) and rhythmic mobility (in ascending and descending diatonic scales) are manifested by the static nature of the repeated notes of the supporting harmony. The sound-stream therefore transforms into a sort of abstract, formalized and geometric musical object. Indeed, Albini defines his compositional work as «a step by step presentation of simple objects from the musical tradition; holding them up against the light and seeking to unveil unexpected aspects of their expressive potential. New mechanisms, new syntaxes, new paths. Whilst the objects, though estranged, continue to vibrate with centuries of language, style and history.» (I. Pustijanac)
Recordings: In A.A.V.V. – QUINTETS – CD (P) & (C) highSCORE New Music Center 2011 – UPC: 881034957450.
Full Score: highSCORE New Music Center Publishing, Pavia 2011. HS 00104. ISMN 979-0-705049-03-9.