Cat. 95072 – (P) & (C) 2013 Brilliant Classics – EAN CODE: 5028421950723
This new release showcases four works from Albini’s sacred oeuvre, including his Pange lingua, full of powerful energy and drama, and the Missa Prima, performed for the first time at the reopening of the 15th-century Pavia Cathedral in 2012 after almost 30 years of restoration. The other two works on the disc, Testamento Spirituale for wind quartet and Preghiera for recorder trio, give the voice a different role, with the instrumental music of the former originating from the a text by Father Christian de Cherge, and the voice no longer present in the latter – described in the liner note as ‘more of a hidden memory’. Seasoned performers of 20th-century repertoire, the Choir of the Faculty of Musicology Cremona gives dedicated performances of Albini’s music in this collection under the baton of Ingrid Pustijanac, with excellent instrumental support from musicians of the 15.19ensemble and Il Giardino delle Muse. TRACKLIST 01. Pange Lingua, for choir [6:29]; Missa Prima, for choir: 02. Kyrie [0:48], 03. Gloria [3:13], 04. Sanctus [1:22], 05. Agnus Dei [1:59]; 06. Testamento Spirituale, for wind quartet [13:55]; 07. Preghiera, for recorder trio [8:59].

Cat. 9294 – (P) & (C) 2012 Brilliant Classics – EAN CODE: 5029365929424
This collection showcases a variety of works from Albini’s oeuvre, many of which have been praised for their mathematical significance. Strong links to Western Classical music can be heard in each of these pieces, but mathematical theory is also employed in a variety of ways: Una teoria della Prossimità is completely determined by mathematics, from its structure to its continuity and notation, and Estatica is formed around the single tone of E and expanded outwards. The collection also features three of the string quartets; with String Quartet No.5 – a rapidly changing piece constantly underpinned by the G minor scale – followed by the strict motion of No.6 and the innovative No.7, which is based on Albini’s own specific system of triadic cycles. TRACKLIST 01. Corale No. 4, preludio for Cello Solo [1:42]; Una teoria della Prossimità, for String Orchestra: 02. I – Densità [3:04], 03. II – Continuità [2:56]; Corali #27 e #41, Double Concerto for Violin, Guitar Duo and String Orchestra: 04. Corale #27[6:55], 05. Corale #41 [6:30]; 06. Estatica, for Guitar [5:52]; 07. String Quartet n.5 [4:42]; 08. String Quartet n.6 “Solo per grado congiunto” [4:51]; 09. String Quartet n.7 “Corale” [9:58].

Cat. 9258 – (P) & (C) 2012 Brilliant Classics – EAN CODE: 5029365925822
With its romantic and mystical connotations, ‘night’ has long been the inspiration behind many works of art. This release presents an alternative reading of its beguiling message, detailing a selection of little-known and contemporary compositions that have all been written for guitar. It includes the recording of my “Corale 45”. TRACKLIST 01-03. Giorgio Mirto, “3 Nocturnes” [15.27]; 04. Livio Torresan, “Notturno” [5.02]; 05. Roberto Manca, “Notturno No. 3” [4.14]; 06. Roberto Manca, “Ulisse” [2.46]; 07. Rosolino Di Salvo, “La notte di Penelope” [5.33]; 08. Giorgio Signorile, “Ninna nanna a Donegal” [4.41]; 09. Giorgio Signorile, “Le colline di Karen, notturno africano” [4.16]; 10. Giovanni Albini, “Corale #45, notturno” [5.37]; 11. Máximo Diego Pujol, “Nocturno” [4.09]; 12. Ángel E. Lasal, “Nocturno” [3.48]; 13. Miklos Rozsa, “Valzer Crépuscolaire” [4.25]; 14. Andrew York, “Into Darkness” [2.38].

Cat. 95480 – (P) & (C) 2017 Brilliant Classics – EAN CODE: 5028421954806
Guitar lovers are lucky enough to have their pick of repertoire, spanning the entire globe as well as many centuries. Never before, however, have they been able to listen to their favourite pieces all in one place – from Baroque to 20th Century, from Latin America to north Germany. This ambitious and expansive set of 40 CDs brings together a wide range of works for solo guitar guaranteed to satisfy those eager to explore repertoire both known and unknown.  It includes the recording of my “Corale 45, Notturno” DISK 47 TRACK 10.

STR 33854 – (P) & (C) STRADIVARIUS – Italia – EAN CODE: 8011570338549
The axtistic project “Finito illimitato” was first staged on 23 May 2014, offering a journey through the history of the Universe from its birth to the present day. The “generating” scientific concept of this artistic event is the cuirent standard Model of the Universe, known as the Big Bang Model. It was considered that ‘Linea” by Luciano Berio could admirably and theatrically evoke the situation created in the initial phases of life of the Universe: the piece describes the “first phase” of the outline previously mentioned in this text, approximately corresponding to the first second of life in the history of the Universe. Its extremely simple beainning is based on the minor third interval and its segmentation into compositional figu-res that “germinate” (and always lead back to it). The initial monody is played by ali the instruments in sync, and then “led” by Berio to produce more and more complex divisions, a world of continuous “fringing” of the sound fabric that well represents the previous Big-Bang phase. The subsequent division of the piece into new “explosions” of music in various expressive directions suggested the description of the Big Bang Model. The following slow flow of the composition towards a final phase of incre-asingly pronounced rarefaction well represents a link with the “second phase” of the concluding passage that follows, the moment when the superforce lapses into the various forces of nature, The work “Pulse and Lighf by Ivan Fedele is inspired by the “third phase” of the history of the Universe, when, after neutral atoms nave ormed, light begins to “travel in the dark”. The resulting explosion of radiation (second movement “Phos”) and the following third movement, Nero chiaro”, evoke the second major “trauma” in the history of the Universe, the decoupling of light from matter, followed by a further phase of cosmic stasis, well-described with a few highly “luminous” sounds that form the theatrical note of “Nero chiaro”. The work by Ivan Fedele ends with two movements that well portray the “new world” created about 380,000 years after the Big Bang occurred: a world that naturally is not yet “our” world but partly resembles it, since light has created “Altro spazio” (other space – fourth movement) and “Altro tempo” other time – fifth movement). The work “Terza Algebra del Tempo” by Giovanni Albini is inspired by the fourth and fifth phase in the history of the Universe: from the reation of stars and planets, to that of life and mankind. From the gestures and initial spatialization that symbolically recall ancient Chinese characters ^ (tian), literally ‘cosmo’, ‘sky, ‘stare”, as well as ‘nature’ and ‘head’, a swirling rhythm develops comprising a precise generative process of al-gebraic origin; a metaphor of the many interconnected revolutions of celestial bodies that are gradually determined in a constantly expanding Universe.
SaMPL del Conservatorio “Cesare Pollini” di Padova con la collaborazione scientifica dei Dipartimenti di Fisica e Astronomia dell’Università di Padova presenta “Finito Illimitato”, una produzione video-musicale che si propone di raccontare con la musica il viaggio temporale cosmologico dello sviluppo dell’universo. Interpreti: Alvise Vidolin (regia suono), Luca Richelli (elettronica), Arrigo Axia (percussioni), Paolo Parolini (percussioni), Daniele Roi(piano), Aldo Orvieto (piano), Maria Grazia Bellocchio (piano). Una pubblicazione della collana SIAE – Classici di Oggi. Musiche: Luciano Berio, “Linea” (1973); 02. Ivan Fedele, “Pulse and light” (2014); 03. Giovanni Albini, “Terza algebra del tempo” (2014).

(P) & (C) highSCORE New Music Center 2012 – UPC: 887158174698
Contemporary works for classical guitar. It includes the recording of my “Lacrimosa”. TRACKLIST 01. Enrico De Palmas, “Dualità” [2.02]; 02. Alberto Barberis,  “Vuoto che l’Eco non Colma” [3.25]; 03. Eugene Astapov,  “Lenten Music” [4.00]; 04. Giovanni Albini, “Lacrimosa” [4.31]; 05. Riho Esko Maimets, “Aftermath” [5.25]; 06. Stefanie Lubkowski, “Every Night I Have the Same Dream” [5.10]; 07. Giorgio Mirto, “II”, da “4 Pezzi” [2.45]; 08. Nicholas Omiccioli, “Danza di Fuoco” [2.42]; 09. Paden Schmidt, “The Importance of Play” [3.17].

(P) & (C) highSCORE New Music Center 2011 – UPC: 881034957450
Contemporary works for electric guitar and string quartet. Flavio Virzì (guitar) and Quartetto Indaco. It includes the recording of my “Fontane Veneziane – Corale #45”. TRACKLIST 01. Giovanni Albini, “Fontane Veneziane – Corale #45” [3.00]; 02. Jenny Beck, “One or Many Wolves” [4.55]; 03. Jeremy Vaughan, “[Composition] for 5” [10.21]; 04. Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer, “Saint Quarrelsome” [7.45]; 05. Mark Buller, “Edge” [4.07].

An Ediemme Records – SoDe compilation (P) & (C) 2010 Intai
Refined lounge music. It includes my track Amigdala. TRACKLIST 01. The Real Tuesday Weld, “The Day Before You Came”; 02. Flow. Experience, “Fade To Grey (Dubb RMX)”; 03. Grand National, “Rub Your Potion (Fear of Theydon Mix)”; 04. Tones on Tail, “Lions”; 05. David Motion & Sally Potter, “The Maze”; 06. Matt Gordon, “Anne”; 07. Club des Belugas, “A Men’s Scene”; 08. Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio, “Tarareando”; 09. Lindström, “Gentle As A Giant”; 10. Klaus Waldeck, “Midsummer Night Blues”; 11. Joker’s Daughter, “Kyoto Song”; 12. Albini – Ceccarini, “Amigdala”; 13. Raz Ohara & The Odd Orchestra, “Where He At (Apparat Remix)”; 14. Five Points, “End Titles”; 15. Wim Mertens, “Struggle For Pleasure”.

An Ediemme Records – (P) & (C) 2010 G. Albini.
The soundtrack of the Alfa Romeo Centenary Exhibition at La Triennale Museum – Milano. Commissioned by La Triennale Musuem – Milano. TRACKLIST 01. Colore Italiano – Tema [2.43]; 02. Colore Italiano – Ambiente [10.21].

(P) & (C) 2011 SoDe Records. TRACKLIST 01. Amigdala [2:56]; 02 Amigdala (Orchestral Breath) [3:42].

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